The Story

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far far away, I combined images in the darkroom using pin registration, and plotted devious ways to run film through a camera multiple times and so on....

Then came photoshop version 1...  where there were no layers, the world was flat, and you'd come back from lunch and the wheel would still be  indefinitely spinning.... my first encounters in zen practice... Life is so much easier now.

Dedicated to creating visuals that convey my client's messaging with intuitive understanding and a sprinkle of tenacity.

Collaborating with photographers, designers, art directors, corporate in house art departments, and people with existing photography that needs serious retouching. I can help you clean up your mess, save the job, real-ize your idea, and help you to a positive outcome no matter how bad things look up front.

Available to work with your existing artwork, or confidently create, or acquire, the elements needed to create the artwork necessary for your project... On time, within budget, without headaches.

I am located in the San Francisco Bay Area and am able to come to you if you are local,  but can work with you just as easily anywhere in the world via Skype, email, FaceTime and Dropbox.



Partial Client list: Oracle, Microsoft, Yahoo!, Lawrence Livermore Lab, Electronic Arts, Wells Fargo, Time Magazine, Forbes, Fortune, Sports Illustrated, TV Guide, Entertainment Weekly.